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Cosmic Meedia always puts our clients needs first!

Roofing Web Design

Our goal is to build roofing websites so good, you can look back on them in 3 years as the best investment you've made!

Why Cosmi​​c Meedia?

At Cosmic Meedia, we live and breathe Roofing Web desig​n!  We work to make your site an authority figure, that wins over home owners.  Our goal is to deliver the best Roofing Web Designs to our clients and exceed their expectations.


Cosmic Meedia's team has years of experience, with contractor websites!

100% In House

That's right zero outsourcing!
Just pure quality from our inhouse team!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our results. That's why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Roofing Web Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked Roofing Web Design questions, and answers.

Why Work With Cosmic Meedia?

Are you tired of cheap 'Web Designers' who leave you worse of than before?  Or Web Designers who build you a website, instead of a ROOFING website ?  Cosmic Meedia is here to fix that!   We specialize in Roofing websites , so you can become an authority figure in your region, and  win over homeowners!

How Much Does Roofing Web Design Cost?

Depending on the scale of the project, and it's requirements prices can range from $3000 - $15,000 , + extra service like SEO.

Does My Site Come With SEO?

Yes and No.   You're site is created following standard SEO procedures, so google can index all items, and  your site will begin to rank higher  especially for less competitive keywords.  But it  does not come with a monthly SEO campaign  which focuses on growing keywords and site traffic.  See our  SEO !

How Long Will My Site Take To Make?

Your site can take between 1-2 Weeks  depending on the scale of the project, and any client request revisions!

What If I Want To Make Changes Down The Road?

You have full access to your wordpress account and can make any changes you feel fit.  But for more advanced edits, our support is just one email away! Contact us at

Roofing Web Design
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